Local Distribution



Freight Forwarding Service Company In Malaysia

BBF Logistics is confident to offer you the local distribution services with 26 years of experiences in
transportation and warehousing. We believe that an excellent warehouse and storage services are crucial to local
distribution services. Therefore, we provide warehouse and storage services with stringent security measures to
ensure our clients’ goods are in safe and good condition.

Add to that, our local freight distribution system allows us to match our fleet to our clients’ transport and
logistics necessities, precisely access our clients’ local distribution network in terms of its size and area, and then
tailor a transport and logistic package that can satisfy all our clients’ essentials.

Looking for reliable transport and logistic partner? BBF Logistics is your best option. We are now offering an affordable
and effective local distribution logistics to clients range from a sole proprietorship to Multinational Companies. We can
tailor a package that can satisfy your transport and logistics necessities. Contact us now for more information!

Bintang Baru Forwarding , one of Malaysia’s leading Cross Border logistics solution service provider was founded back in 1993. From its humble beginning in year 1993 as a forwarding agent in Perlis, we have grown tremendously over the years.

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